9 Personal Hygiene Habits Most Women Missed | Important Hygiene Hacks

9 Personal Hygiene Habits Most Women Missed | Important Hygiene Hacks

Critical Personal Hygiene Habits Hacks For Women

Are you particular and keen on taking care of yourself? Our daily regimen is not limited to embellishing ourselves and perfecting our skin but also enforcing a strict regimen in our hygiene habits. According to the world health organization, personal hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help maintain health and prevent disease spread.

Going through many daily activities, having anxiety or depression, and extreme fatigue from work may be some of the reasons for neglecting these important personal hygienes in our routine. Whatever the reasoning behind disregarding the necessary habits, getting back on track in taking care of ourselves is vital.

Maintaining proper and constant personal hygiene habits will significantly boost our health and social lifestyles. The pandemic is taking over whole nations and changing our daily life norms. Paying attention to every detail of proper hygiene and strictly implementing these habits is critical.

Personal Hygiene Habits

What are the advantages of managing good personal hygiene habits?

Small steps like regular and constant handwashing before and after you eat, taking a shower daily, brushing your teeth 2 to 3 times a day, changing your bedding, pillow covers, and curtains frequently, and so on.

We must incorporate these crucial steps in our daily routine to avoid getting sick and infected with viruses. With the condition of our environment, it is necessary to carry out hygienic practices actively. On the other hand, if we are onboard and level up with our hygiene regimen, most women may miss personal hygiene habits.

9 Important Hygiene Habit Hacks For Women

1. Brush Your Tongue.

Scraping the tongue with a scraper or a toothbrush while brushing your teeth is recommended. This personal hygiene habit of cleaning your tongue will prevent you from having bad breath, especially if you are a habitual coffee drinker and eat spices often.

Personal hygiene habits tongue-cleaner
Brushing your tongue is a good personal hygiene habit that you need to do daily.

The residue or the beverage and spices’ excess smell will remain in your mouth longer than expected. The food particles or residues will pile up, cover your tongue, and affect the taste buds aside from accumulating bacteria.

The bacteria in your mouth eventually enter your system, leading to other health conditions. A fresh breath smell will also boost self-confidence in your health and social life.

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2. Use Wet Wipes.

At some point, people panicked and hoarded toilet paper amidst a chaotic pandemic. You can find nothing in grocery stores and pharmacies, and it was ridiculous how most people acted upon this situation.

In the place where I grew up, and not to disgust anybody reading this blog, water is the primary thing we use for cleaning our behind during potty time and part of our personal hygiene habits practice.

Personal Hygiene #2. Use Wet Wipes

It will surely clean everything thoroughly. But in my case, I prefer to use flushable wet wipes to clean my bottom every time I use the toilet at home.

For my family and me, flushable wet wipes are better options than toilet paper; they thoroughly clean and dry quickly—no residue or piece left in your bottom, unlike toilet paper.

3. Flossing Before Brushing.

Plaque is the number 1 enemy of your teeth. Many people never realized the essence of flossing is as important as brushing. Flossing is equally vital as brushing your teeth, and the dentist often emphasizes the advantages of flossing at all times.

Dental flossing will help preserve your healthy gums free from plaque and bacteria. Brushing your teeth alone will not eliminate all the food particles inside your teeth, while using the floss can cleanse and eject them all between your teeth.

Personal Hygiene #3. Flossing Before Brushing

If these food particles are not entirely taken out from your teeth, no matter how often you brush your teeth, you will still create and accumulate that bacteria in your mouth; thereby, damage to your gums and teeth is probable. Make sure to floss once or twice daily as part of your personal hygiene habits to maintain healthy gums and a pleasant breath smell.

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4. Change Your Sweaty Shirt.

The heat is on even though summer is almost over. The humidity and heat in the air have unpleasant effects on our bodies. Working in a factory or any close establishment with less ventilation will lead you to produce more sweat than usual. Don’t get me wrong, sweating is pleasant for your body, but too much will deplete all your energy.

Personal Hygiene #4. Change Your Sweaty Shirt

Aside from that, sweating too much without a proper personal hygiene habits and care will give you an unpleasant odor, possibly skin rashes, and other health conditions. I sweat too much when working and even doing workouts. My body produces that heat quickly in no time, and because of that excessive sweat, I make sure I change my shirt twice daily as needed.

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5. Soak Your Undergarments With Baking Soda.

It’s not about all laundry detergent or fabric conditioner scents but about being clean and odor-free. Washing your clothes, especially undergarments, sometimes requires extra care. Ever wonder why some of your underwear retains or absorbs an unpleasant smell despite thoroughly washing with laundry detergent and conditioner in the washing machine?

Personal Hygiene #5. Soak Your Undergarments With Baking Soda

There are various reasons why undergarments like underwear keep that odor after washing. One of them is that you use underwear so many times. Updating or buying new underwear after so many times using it is important.

Another reason is when you have your monthly period. Even though you wear pads or tampons, all women should know that bloodstain on underwear is possible. In this situation, I prefer to wash my underwear by hand instead of throwing it in the washing machine. But first, it’s essential to soak your stained underwear in water with baking soda overnight.

The baking soda will clean and eliminate the stains and the odor that would linger if you wash it directly in the washing machine. To soak your underwear occasionally is a good personal hygiene habit and saves you from the embarrassment of an unpleasant smell from wearing half-clean underwear.

6. Change Undergarments Frequently.

Changing your undergarments daily, especially your underwear and bras, is imperative for a woman’s personal hygiene habit—no judgment for other women who practice wearing their bras more than once without washing them for days. Even if you think you don’t have enough pairs of bras to last for a week’s worth, it is a must to at least wash them daily after use at the end of the day.

Personal Hygiene #6. Change Undergarments Frequently

If you wear dirty bras or underwear, you will likely develop bacterial infection and rashes; aside from the foul smell, you will drag to work every day. Being exhausted and extremely busy to wash at the end of the day is not an excuse.

7. Avoid Douching.

Some companies sell a vaginal douche, encouraging and enticing women that such a product or item can clean their vaginas to incorporate into their personal hygiene habits. But there is nothing safer and best to clean our private parts than pure water and light body soap.

Personal Hygiene #7. Avoid Douching

Taking a shower or bath and changing your underwear daily will take care of that aspect. Douching has some side effects, such as irritation on sensitive skin, and other complications, like causing that unusual smell even worse.

Douching will obstruct the healthy PH balance of your vagina. The PH balance is responsible for fighting bacteria and vaginal infections, and the chemical from douching will weaken the vaginal flora in charge of preventing vaginal infection and irritation.

8. Regularly Change the Bath Towel.

You will feel refreshed and clean after a good shower, but are you changing the bath towels regularly? Keeping your towels clean is vital to maintain a good personal hygiene habits. It is necessary to hang your bath towels after using them to avoid bacteria’s existence as they breed on damp and dirty towels.

Personal Hygiene #8. Regularly Change Bath Towel

The cleaning institute suggested using bath towels 2-3 times before washing them unless you used them for sweat. Then, you need to change and wash them immediately.

9. Wash Your Makeup Sponge Daily.

You will enhance your appearance and look by wearing makeup, but have you ever cleaned your makeup sponges or beauty blender after use? I am not a big fan of wearing makeup every day, and it never crossed my mind to wash the sponges after use if ever I do upon learning cleaning the makeup sponges after the application is essential.

Personal Hygiene #9. Wash Your Makeup Sponge Daily

Our skin is the most delicate part of our body. Ladies must practice good personal hygiene habits to care for their makeup tools. Soaking the sponge in water overnight before you use it again is the proper way to avoid breakouts, skin rashes, and other skin conditions caused by bacteria.

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